Access Bars® is a “new” and very effective way of creating a new level of awareness or consciousness within you.
Being conscious will mean that you open many many more doors of possible things that can happen, as fears and limitations that you have about the future and that come out of your past and beliefs do not exist anymore. Everything is possible.

So ask yourself: What else is possible? How can it get even better than this?

Access Bars® will allow you to remember what you really are: A powerful being that doesn’t know any limits and that lives a life that goes far beyond anything you can now imagine. When you are a “limited” being you are controlled and directed by your experiences, fears, endless thoughts and emotions.
Access Bars® is a way to tear down the walls you built up with your thoughts, feelings and emotions. Those endless movies that already play in your head long before something has actually happened. Many of us live more in our heads than in the present moment.

Quick example: You’re driving in your car and suddenly you see the lights of a police car behind you, the policeman wanting you to pull over. In that second your head-cinema starts to play. You thought you were doing the right speed. But maybe you weren’t. You might get a speeding ticket and won’t be able to pay for it. You might be getting points and your clean license is ruined. Maybe your warrant has expired and you didn’t notice. Or your registration. Maybe you missed a sign or did something much worse… in the moment the police officer comes to your window and tells you that he wanted to inform you that your tail light doesn’t work, you laugh about yourself and realize that you could have saved a lot of energy if you had stayed out of your head and just waited for the answer.

Next time you find yourself creating stories in your head or trying to explain to yourself why people around you are acting the way they do towards you, just look at your thoughts and tell yourself: “That’s an interesting thought/opinion/point of view”. It will help you to step back from that thought and look at it.
Don’t judge it, but understand that it’s useless and might limit the many possible things that might really happen or that might be the real reason for people to do what they are doing. Our thoughts create our life. Only create what you really want in your life. Not everything you really don’t want, but you think has to happen for some reason.
We also tend to look at us as a victim that doesn’t have a free choice. Let us change that. Take your life back into your own hands and get out of the drama.
Be open for everything.

What if today was the first day of a complete new life? A life where you are in control and everything can happen?

How does it work?

When doing Access Bars®, I work with 32 energy points which are based on your head. These points stand for the different thoughts, ideas, beliefs, role models, emotions and more you hold onto. Whether you’re aware of them or not. Access Bars® makes sure you don’t “activate” those points again and again. You could say we push the “reset button” and try to give you back a clear mind.
If you are ready to live a conscious life and are ready to leave old ways behind, Access Bars® can be the way.