Ama Deus

What is Ama Deus?

Ama Deus is a powerful old shamanic healing system.
Its history goes back to the Guarani natives, who lived in Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina and Paraguay. They believed that disease is caused by a missing balance, often caused by spirits or bad energies.
The shaman uses a special breath control and symbols to “get rid” of disturbing energies and gives balance back. The special thing about this therapy is, that (as the name says) the shaman heals with the pure love of god/everything there is.
Ama Deus supports your spiritual growth and helps with our mental, emotional and physical problems.


  • Treatment of the physical, mental and emotional body
  • Improvement of your own intuition
  • Transformation/ Clearing of “occupations”
  • Support in difficult times
  • Support of dying people
  • And more

Uirapuru, the most beautiful singing bird from old Guarani legends.

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