Energy Healing

With over 15 years experience, we are proud to offer a wide range of alternative and holistic therapies. Some call these Energy healing / emotional or mental healing, others transformation therapy or similar. Having studied most of these overseas, we are excited to introduce them to New Zealand.



Reiki is a natural and holistic healing method first introduced by Mikao Usui. It is becoming more and more popular today.
The Japanese word means “rei”=universal and “ki”= life energy.
You could say it’s the energy that keeps us alive and is in everything.
It is everywhere and is systematically used by the practitioner in a Reiki treatment to allow the energies in the clients body and energy body to flow naturally, free and healthy, again.
Reiki does not have anything to do with religion. Everybody can benefit from it.

Mental Spine Straightening

Quite often, things that happen to us in our every day life are hard for us to deal with. All those things we can’t let go of cause blockages that disturb our energy flow and can lead to dis-ease.
Many of those blockages are located around our spine and cause us physical problems.
The energetic state of our spine often has great influence on our well-being,
so a natural, good energy flow is very important.

A mental spine straightening is an old way of bringing balance to your spine. By releasing the blockages and healing the energy body, we give the physical body the chance to “follow”. 

Matrix-in-Harmony® or Matrix-healing

Matrix healing can change everything. We can work on physical, mental and emotional topics (as usually they are connected anyway)

The 2-point method I work with can be traced back to the native Hawaiians, the Kahunas. They use to call it “Ka-Hi” which means “the magic touch“. Today it’s becoming more and more popular and has many different names.

In the 2-point method I let happen what has to happen by (what looks like) a little “magic” touch.
Tranfsormation can happen easily!


Ama Deus

Ama Deus is a powerful old shamanic healing system.
Its history goes back to the Guarani natives, who lived in Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina and Paraguay. They believed that disease is caused by a missing balance, often caused by spirits or bad energies.
Ama Deus supports your spiritual growth and helps with our daily mental, emotional and physical problems.

Heal Channeling

A heal channeling is much like Regression Therapy.
Our aim is the healing and transformation of a physical /mental / emotional problem.

We then connect to our higher selves that “know” everything about your person, soul and life tasks. We also connect with our spirit guides, higher selves and any light beings that are there to support us.

We will receive all the information we need to look into your topics which are then transformed and quite often healed easily.

Access Bars

Access Bars® is a “new” and very effective way of creating a new level of awareness or consciousness within you.
Being conscious will mean that you open many many more doors of possible things that can happen, as fears and limitations that you have about the future and that come out of your past and beliefs do not exist anymore. Everything is possible.

Access Bars® will allow you to remember what you really are: A powerful being that doesn’t know any limits and that lives a life that goes far beyond anything you can now imagine. When you are a “limited” being you are controlled and directed by your experiences, fears, endless thoughts and emotions.
Access Bars® is a way to tear down the walls you built up with your thoughts, feelings and emotions. Those endless movies that already play in your head long before something has actually happened. Many of us live more in our heads than in the present moment.

“I was so zoned out after my session with Eva Leuwer that I had to take care driving home. It was like being in another world. I was floating. It was a re-energizing feeling.”

Rachael V

“Eva, thank you for all your help earlier in the year when I was struggling with pain and immobility. I do not know how i would’ve managed without your sessions…”

Wendy C

“I have had the most amazing massage from Eva, she is such a great healer definitely would recommend her and will be back (would go every week if I could)”

Michelle R

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