Help for your skin

After suffering from skin conditions for most of my own life I made it my personal aim to find a natural and non aggressive way oftreating them.
The pictures below show the treatment of eczema on both arms over 12 continuous weeks with a combination of

  • Past Life Regression
  • BEMER therapy
  • Energy Healing


Results of a treatment cannot be predicted and healing cannot be promised. We will do our best to find exactly what is right for you.

BEMER Red light

The BEMER Red Light is a great support in the healing of skin conditions such as eczema and acne. The photos provided show a possible outcome of a BEMER treatment (eczema client) which was achieved with the combination of BEMER red light therapy, Energy healing and essential oil treatment.


After 4 weeks treatment

After 12 weeks treatment

Here a bit of extra information about skin conditions.
As always, if you have any concerns about your health, please do consult a doctor.

Did you know that 1 out of 4 people is suffering from eczema?

After living with several skin conditions myself for many years and with many years experience in helping clients to find what’s right for them, I found that a change in this areas of your life might make a major difference. I will be happy to support you on this way.

1. Emotional and Mental Stress / trapped emotions
2. Nutrition
3. Hormones
4. Skin products

Our skin is our largest organ. It holds our body together, covers and protects it. We could not exist without it. It is also the physical part of us that we show to the outside world.

1. Emotional and Mental Stress

From my experience the skin is the part of us that is easiest affected by mental and emotional stress and other topics (together with our digestive system) Quite often, things that are buried on the inside will come to the outside.

When you don’t feel right and confident in your skin, your skin will show and reflect exactly that. Being afraid to be your true self can have a negative affect on the health and appearance of your skin, which makes it even harder to find your self-esteem. That is one of the emotional and mental reasons why so many teenagers have “break outs”.

As an example, acne, which is a very common skin condition, is often caused by stress. Also, it can quite often be connected to feelings of self-rejection and dislike, not being happy about what is happening in life and not wanting to face it. Especially in an age when you are just trying to find out who you are and when others are easily judging you, acne can make this task a lot harder.

Eczema is often a real mental/emotional break out. That does not necessarily mean that you are an emotional person. It is quite often the exact opposite. Many of us have feelings that make us scream on the inside but that we do not talk about. These energies burn on the inside and can cause dis-ease like eczema. Being sensitive is not always bad but we need to learn to let go of all these emotions and feelings. Sometimes eczema is connected to the feeling that you would like to do something but you feel prevented from doing it, which causes feelings of frustration. Unresolved feelings of irritation and hurt will keep your arms/legs/face “flaming” up, especially in stressful situations.

Other Rashes can show more inner conflicts coming to the surface. They have no other way of getting your attention. Stressful situations or the feeling of being irritated will make them stronger. They can also start when you do not feel safe and secure, when you feel like someone doesn’t  respect your personal space. If you do not show them your boundaries, your skin will literally keep them away. Without knowing you unconsciously try to keep distance and try to give your self a safe space.

Whenever these emotions and feelings “boil over”, they will begin to show on the outside. So we will find the best way for you to deal with them differently and give your skin a rest.

Also, it is important to remember the following: The things that we concentrate on the most, that we try to resist the most and that we just want to get rid off are usually the ones that grow. “Attention” gives our topics energy and power. So, as hard as it may seem, not paying your skin condition your full attention is a big step in your healing journey. We will show you techniques to achieve exactly that.

2. Nutrition

This is one factor that made a huge difference for me. After suffering from severe acne and eczema for many years, the change in my nutrition was a major step to achieving a completely different skin appearance.
Many of the “foods” we consume today have no nutritional value whatsoever. (white) Sugar consume itself is slowly turning into a disease. You can even find it in bread and salmon. It is hidden everywhere and in my opinion that is not a good thing. Together with the huge amounts of artificial colours, flavours and other chemicals it is not a surprise that our skin is stressed. Our body can only try to dispose of them. It will simply say: “Look, I don’t need this stuff.”

Talk to your doctor if you feel like this could be affecting you. Here is what worked for me and hundreds of clients and friends that made the same step, going back to “Real foods”

Try to cut back on or even cut out:

  • Sugar. Unless it’s naturally in fruit it is too often consumed in a quantity that is far too high for our body.
  • Milk products (consult your doctor for children or if you have any concerns) Whatever the cow has in her milk (like hormones etc meant for her calf), it will go into your body. New studies give you a lot of information on this. It is worth looking into.
  • Artificial colours, flavours, preservatives
  • Pesticides on your fruit and veges (washing them in Natron and vinegar-water helps to remove them)
  • For many Bread/ wheat flour (It pays to get this tested. Many types of grain have been genetically modified a lot over the past years. Some of them your skin might be reacting to)
  • Meat. Many will not like to hear this. For me it was the final step to clear skin. This is completely your choice. If you want to keep it in your nutrition plan, make sure you know exactly where your meat comes from. That also means, look at what is inside the meat you are eating. Everything that is in the animals body will go into your body. Also, looking at energies, the stress and emotions of the animal (and yes, they do have them) will pass on to you, together with possible antibiotics, hormones etc.

Also drink enough clear water. It will help to cleanse your system and is important for your health and well-being.

Changing a diet is the hardest part for many but it can be so much fun. Look online for whole food recipes. Nature gives us all we need. You will love the variety. And your body, mind and soul will thank you. It is worth it. Listen to your bodies language and seek expert advice where necessary.

Also important: Do not make the mistake that many do and just “cut foods out”. Please make sure your body gets everything it needs. A lack of certain vitamins for example might mean that your body doesn’t receive what it needs to get better.

3. Hormones

Experts often bring an imbalance in our hormone system in connection with skin conditions as well. If nothing else has worked for you, it is always a good idea to visit your doctor and have it checked.
Also, energy healing can help to bring balance to your energies.

4. Skin products

Remember that the lotions, soaps, shampoos and make ups you use are also, to a certain degree, absorbed by your skin and go into your body. Chemicals are not your best friend here.
What I found to be wonderful and healing for eczema as an example is pure virgin coconut oil mixed with 2 essential oils (which we will discuss in your session). Coconut oil is not right for everybody though, we have some great alternatives as well, such as sweet almond or kawa kawa.
Try not to shower for too long or wash too often, even though you may feel that you need to. Hot water is not your friend, either, try to keep it lukewarm. Both might irritate your skin even more and damage your skins natural protective layers.
Also don’t forget that it does not matter how many layers of make up you wear, there is still “YOU” underneath all that colour. And that is great, so do not try to hide yourself or be someone else.

All this has to do with self love and respect. If you love your self, you do not need to hide. You will also choose to consume things that are good for you and give you life instead of making you sick.
Love your self, have healthy thoughts, learn to let go of stressful emotions, eat good food, look after yourself, treat yourself with natural skin products and seek help where you need it. Re-create your self and your skin will do the same.


“Just because things have been this way for many years in the past, it does not mean that your future will have to look the same.”