Holistic Massage Marlborough

Holistic Massage

Peace and Relaxation for your Body,

Mind and Soul

Relax and meet your soul with our amazing Massage Therapy.
It is perfect for bringing absolute relaxation and healing not only to your body, but also to your mind and soul.
Our massage is a combination of relaxation and deep tissue techniques and can be combined with our other well known therapies, perfectly chosen for your body.

We combine what you prefer and are completely flexible. You can still change your mind on the day. A few examples:

Full Body Massage: A combination of Relaxation and deep tissue massage (either 60 minutes, 90 minutes or 2 hours)

Full Body Massage and hot stones: A combination of Relaxation and Deep tissue massage, including an amazing hot stone massage. (1.5 hours or 2 hours)

Back, Neck and Shoulder: We will concentrate on your back, neck and shoulders. This can be perfectly combined with mental spine straightening. (usually 1 hour)

Holistic Intuitive Massage and Healing: Full body Massage + Energy healing (Reiki etc) (1.5 hours or 2 hours recommended)

Holistic Body Massage: Full body Massage + Bemer Vascular Therapy (1 – 2 hours)

Complete Relaxation and Transformation Pack: Full Body Massage + Bemer Therapy + Energy Healing + Hot stones (1.5 hours or 2 hours)


1 Hour Massage / Healing / Bemer Therapy (all inclusive) $100
1.5 Hours Massage / Healing / Bemer Therapy (all inclusive) $140
2 Hours Massage / Healing / Bemer Therapy (all inclusive) $ 180

For all other inquires please get in touch (we are flexible)

“I had an incredible massage and healing treatment with Eva yesterday, she completely customised it to my needs and was spot on with everything. I would highly recommend 2 hours if your able, it’s such an amazing experience. Thank you so much Eva and I’ll definitely be returning”


“I was so zoned out after my massage with Eva Leuwer that I had to take care driving home. It was like being in another world. I was floating. It was a re-energizing feeling.”


“I highly recommend Eva … so grateful to have her services in Hanmer Springs…I have seen wonderful results and am now sending my own family members to her for massages and healing. My mother’s feet have been badly swollen for years and after one visit to Eva they have reduced and have definition again for the first time in many years, reducing her pain and helping her walk better!!! Eva is a wonderful human and long may she stay in Hanmer…otherwise I will have to travel”