Mental Spine Straightening

Quite often, things that happen to us in our every day life are hard for us to deal with.
All those things we can’t let go of cause blockages that disturb our energy flow and can make us feel weak or sick.
Many of those blockages are located around our spine.
The state of our spine often has great influence on our well-being,
so a good energy flow is very important.

What is a mental straightening?

A mental spine straightening is an old way to bring balance to your spine and more.
When doing an energetic spine straightening the practitioner asks for the “straightening” of the clients body, mind and soul. 

What can happen?

The mental spine straightening works very quick. It all happens mostly without physical contact. Through all this the spine gets the chance to slide “back into form” and things like pelvic obliquity can become better or even disappear.

If you “carry the weight of the world on your shoulders“, that might affect the health of your shoulders, as well. Taking the “weight” off it can help to cure those problems.
(Just don’t put it back on afterwards)

It also helps with restlessness, tension, basic trust issues and more. You will be surprised by how much a spine straightening can have influence on.
You can experience inner peace, balance and feel unconditional love for everything there is. A straightening is always the beginning of something new.
I highly recommend it.

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