Past Life Regression

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…Get ready for the maybe most amazing journey of your life so far

A past life regression will take you back to your roots. It does not matter what you believe in, PLR is an experience that can be transforming in many ways. All you need to do: Be open minded and ready for change and transformation.

Find out how your past is still having influence on your life today. Once the past is cleared, you will be able to leave it behind and live in the NOW.


A Past Life Regression can be helpful with

  • Physical disease
  • Relationship/family issues
  • Phobias and fears
  • Repetitive patterns
  • Fear of death
  • Understanding yourself better
  • Much more.

How does a Past Life Regression work?

In a PLR I will guide you into a deep state of relaxation that will allow you to access moments of your past (earlier years of this life or a past life) which will help you to understand the causes of your problem/difficulty/condition today. You will be able to investigate important events of a past incarnation.

After we have looked at all important events, we will then proceed to clear all energy that stayed behind from your past experience/trauma.

When this blockage from your past is released, there is quite often no reason for your “problem” to exist today. But please be aware that I do not promise healing in any way.

The cost of a PLR is $222.

!!!Right now I am doing some case studies. If you would like to be part of these, the cost for your PLR will be reduced to half price!!!

Please allow for up to 3 hours, an average session takes 2.5 hours.

To make a booking, click here.

Past Life Regression Therapy Hanmer Springs, New Zealand, South Island

“I had an incredible massage and healing treatment with Eva yesterday, she completely customised it to my needs and was spot on with everything. I would highly recommend 2 hours if your able, it’s such an amazing experience. Thank you so much Eva and I’ll definitely be returning”

— Corrie

“The energy healing work fromEva is absolute spot on! Some pain in my body that I’ve carried for a long time was gone after a few sessons. Thank you so much for your dedication to helping people to heal!”

– Maia

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