What is Reiki?

Reiki is one of the oldest ways of traditional healing. It is a natural and holistic healing method first introduced by Mikao Usui.
The Japanese word means “rei”=universal and “ki”= life energy.
You could say it’s the energy that keeps us alive and is in everything.
It is everywhere and is systematically used by the practitioner in a Reiki treatment to allow the energies in the clients body and energy body to flow naturally, free and healthy, again.
Reiki does not have anything to do with religion. Everybody can benefit from it.

How does it work?

Things that happen to us in our everyday life often cause blockages in our energy bodies. So can old beliefs, “negative” thoughts, “unfelt” feelings and emotions and other disturbing energies. All that can, if not dealt with, lead to physical problems, too. If something is “out of balance” inside you, like when something makes you unhappy and you don`t speak up, or you feel that you need a change and you decide to ignore it, your body will sooner or later show that something is wrong.

Remember: “When the soul suffers and the mouth remains silent, the body speaks.”

Reiki is there to loosen these blockages and helps you to find spiritual and often physical health and well-being. The Reiki practitioner works like a transmitter. Using his/her hands he lets the Reiki energy flow exactly where it’s needed.

Just picture it like a radio. There are radio waves around us all the time but we can’t see them. The Reiki practitioner is able to “tune in” and use the energy around us to bring healing to his client and give him balance and relaxation. He lets him hear the music.

What are the benefits?

  • Reiki brings you deep relaxation and brings balance to body, soul and spirit
  • It allows you to feel inner peace and harmony
  • It awakens and supports your body’s self-healing powers
  • It releases blockages in your aura, so energy can flow free in all of your chakras
  • It cleanses you (or your house and belongings) of all the old and “foreign” energies that don’t serve you any longer
  • It balances your chakras
  • It can help you deal with physical, mental and emotional pains and problems (especially after injury, operation or illness)
  • Reiki can feel like a miracle because most people have forgotten how relaxing and deeply healing something so simple can be.

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“I was so zoned out after my session with Eva Leuwer that I had to take care driving home. It was like being in another world. I was floating. It was a re-energizing feeling.”

Rachel V

“Eva, thank you for all your help earlier in the year when I was struggling with pain and immobility. I do not know how i would’ve managed without your sessions…”

Wendy C

“I have had the most amazing massage from Eva, she is such a great healer definitely would recommend her and will be back (would go every week if I could)”

Michelle R