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We are a small team, passionate about holistic health and wellbeing.

Eva Leuwer Grimm

Internationally practicing Holistic Health Therapist, Author

A bit about myself:

I am an experienced, certified Holistic Health practitioner and Massage Therapist and specialise in Past Life Regression.
I was born in Germany where I was also trained and received most of my qualifications. For over 15 years now I have been working with “alternative” healing and transformation methods.
These have shaped me in many ways and allow me today to help and support my clients on their own healing journey. It is important to me to show them how to help and heal themselves.
Knowing that there is no disease without cause I will try my best to help you achieve the change in your life that you are looking for.

Energy healing can help to clear any blockages that you carry from the past. In a Past Life Regression you can access your subconscious to understand the causes of problems and difficulties you are facing today. Both will help you to let go of the past and live in the NOW.

By the time I finished my 13 years of school in Germany I had already completed all my trainings and courses to work with alternative health therapies. Then I decided to spend a year work and -traveling in New Zealand.

When I came back to Germany a year later, I did not stay for long. I had fallen in love with the uniqueness and energy of the most beautiful place on earth and decided to start a life where my heart is.
In New Zealand. This is also where I met my now husband Markus, who joined me on this amazing journey. He will soon be working alongside with me as BEMER expert and deep tissue specialist.

Being able to offer you Holistic Massage Therapy, as well, makes me really happy.
This is how I can offer you a unique pack of healing and relaxation for your Body, Mind and Soul.

Markus Grimm

Bemer expert, Sports expert

As an ex-professional (German) handball player and trainer, Markus is specialized in personal training and sports massage.

More information will follow, soon.

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